Former Sheriff Gaming boss sentenced to jail


Perhaps one of the most high-profile cases in the world of online gambling involves Sheriff Gaming, with which the best canadian online casinos cooperate. In 2013, the company that owned the developer was shut down and the bosses were put on trial. Only six years later, the verdict in the case has still been handed down. As expected, on December 20, the court announced the verdict.  Stijn Flapper, Michel Gregoire and Maurice Gregoire were the main defendants in the case. 

The first two received two years in prison and the third 15 months. Among the accomplices who were punished with prison was also a tax consultant who worked for the company. He was given seven months. The mother of one of the perpetrators was sentenced to community service. On this topic Interview on how email helps casinos identify cheaters The three main perpetrators will also pay damages of 100,000 euros each. Plus the company owes 13 million euros in unpaid taxes, and the national government plans to seize the company’s confiscated assets, worth millions of euros. Management has been accused of illegal gambling, money laundering and tax evasion. Because of this scandal and the seizure of assets, developer Sheriff Gaming, which at one time was quite popular, closed down. In addition to the articles under which they were tried, they also rigged games so that jackpots only fell to their friends and family.