Gambling And Video Gaming in Canada

Gambling is certainly heading for a change. No longer will you feel bored after playing for an hour or two, thanks to the inroad of video gaming into the gambling industry. Online gambling has never been this interesting. Now, we have Avatar theme video gambling games that are catching everyone’s attentions. Casino owners have also fallen in love with these new concept as statistics show that in the Canada, video gambling is contributing as much as 70% of casino revenues, which is by any standard is impressive.

Video gambling without any doubt feeds on user behavior. It adds fun quotient to otherwise boring gambling genre and for that reason, the debate is raging whether the commingling of the concept of video game and gambling is ethical or not. If we can leave aside the ethics for a second or two, we can dare say that this new concept of video gambling is gaining currency because it is fun to play and sometimes, it works as a stress buster.

Promise of Fun

Do you really believe that all the people who walk into casinos believe that they will win a jackpot? If you believe in such a thing you could not be more wrong. People gamble because they love gambling. They like the fun and the excitement associated with it. Casino owners have always tried to up the ante by offering ‘unlimited’ fun and pleasure to gamblers.
The entire casino experience is built up carefully and meticulously to seduce the visitors. The use of music, light and fantasy creates a surreal atmosphere and the inroad of video gambling machines is now adding a new dimension to it. The best thing about these video gambling machines is that they are easy to play. You would not have to waste your precious time to get the hang on it. Since the learning curve is not that long, people are getting gravitated towards these games.

How Video Gambling Machines are Changing the Tradition

Online Casino GamesApart from adding more fun and excitement to slot machines, video gambling is changing the way we are used to do gamble. However, people might fail to notice the changes since most of them are behind the scene changes. Say for example, the interface of the new video gambling machines still has the iconic lever that people pull and set dial in motion. It reassures that dials are spinning and generating number randomly but in reality they are not.
Though these video gambling machines are also governed by RNG, the randomness of the spinning is somewhat preset. The payout check in most cases is 90% and that mean no matter what happens, the casino owners are going to get 10% of the money accumulated. But this seems to have little impact on the gamblers. In fact, some casino owners proudly advertise publicly that ‘payout of their machine is 90%’.
This does not deter gamblers from trying to game the system. They will still argue that since these games are played by a large number of people, they stand a chance to win a jackpot. What is all the more interesting about these video gambling machines is that unlike traditional slot machines, their network is not limited to a single casino rather they are linked to multiple casinos.

Big Bets are Always Better

Casino owners are aware of the fact that the bigger the bet, the higher the revenue. Video gambling machines seem to follow this mantra. The high bet buttons are prominently visible whereas the low bet buttons are languishing in some obscure places. This is a common and much popular UX design trick employed by almost all designers to increase conversion rate.
Moreover, there are other tricks involved. People are tricked into ignoring the fact that they are losing more money than what they are earning. It gives you the feeling that you are still winning and there are some possibilities that you might compensate for the loss. This is what inspires them to play even after losing consequently.

Near Misses

This is another trick employed by video gambling machines that make you believe that you are losing the bets by a whisker. Now, this excites our senses when we perceive that we have lost something by a very small margin. This inspires us to put more effort and burn more dollars to increase the chances of winning.