How To Win At Keno

Keno is a lottery or a bingo gambling game often played at modern casinos and is also offered as a game in some state lotteries, and also in handful of mobile casinos. Here’s how to write keno tickets that cost very little but give much greater chance of winning some money when you play at an online casino.

Players, who want to take a break from playing slots online, often opt in for Keno. They have their favorite strategies and many players pick their favorite numbers. For instance, your birthday; let’s say its 07/14/1943. Your numbers would be 7, 14, 19, 43 – play those numbers as a “way ticket”. Most of the casinos let you play more or more ways at half the regular rate. Using your four numbers, draw a circle around a single number and another circle around the other three numbers as a group. For example, you could play using 7, 14 and 43 as your group of three numbers and 19 as your single number. Or players choose the same numbers that they have won with earlier. Or they come up with permutations and combinations based on some secret formula known only to them!

What are The Best Strategies to Win at Online Keno?

You can play a ticket three ways -1/1(your single number), 1/3(the group of three numbers) and 1/4 (all the three numbers). Played at 50-cents a way, the cost is only $1.50 per game. The payoffs vary slightly from casino to casino but most likely you won’t be facing a large difference.

Here’s another way to play keno frugally. Veteran Las Vegas managers admit that straight three-spot tickets are the least profitable for the casino, because three numbers are relatively easy to hit. In most casinos offering a three-spot ticket, you also get your money back on two out of three numbers you picked.

Choose three lucky numbers and play keno for 21 times at say, $1 each, if all the three numbers come up only once in 21 games, you have made a profit of at least $21. In other words, you’ve doubled your money! In case you are hoping to score a much bigger win when you play keno, here are some facts to consider: the odds of hitting 6 out of 6 numbers are 7, 753 to 1. The payout for six-point is usually $1,500. Your chances of catching 7 out of 8 on an 8 spot ticket are 6232 to 1. The odds are considerably smaller but the payoff is exactly the same=$1,500! With this mind, would you play keno buying a 6-spot or an 8-spot ticket?

Definitely opt for an 8-spot ticket. The chances of hitting 7 out of 8 numbers are considerably better than those of 6 out of 6, and you win exactly the same amount. Plus if you play with an 8-spot ticket, you have added leverage. If it’s your lucky day, you could all 8 numbers and collect $20,000. That possibility doesn’t exist if you play keno with only a 6-spot ticket, since the maximum six-spot payout is $1,500. So these are the odds one has to improve on while playing keno.